To Seal or not to Seal?

To Seal or Not to Seal “Does seal coating really protect my asphalt parking lot surface?” Good question! It’s one we hear A LOT (no pun intended) and by the end of this article we hope to answer that for you. But first, we need to consider a few things. There are three key

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How To Choose A Commercial Asphalt Paving Contractor

HOW TO:  Choose an Asphalt Paving Contractor for Your Parking Lot So you are a contractor, builder, property manager or business owner and you need to choose a commercial asphalt paving contractor for your parking lot. This can often be an overwhelming and difficult task. But with our help, you will be able to choose

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Just Say No To Crack(s)!

JUST SAY NO TO CRACK(s)! How to Identify Cracks that Need Repair in Your Parking Lot Spring is on the horizon and it is officially time to begin evaluating your asphalt parking lot or roadway for repairs. And if you are wondering…YES! You should be doing this every year. Unfortunately, many business owners or

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